As women in the working world, we are expected to do it all. Weather we're running from early morning meetings to late night dinners, or an early morning sweat session to the office- us working gals are constantly racing against the clock. Here are some tips for maximizing those in between moments that you rarely find during a jam packed day!

  1. Go for the basics: the night before, pick out a simple neutral outfit that can act as a canvas to interchangeable accessories and other pieces of clothing. A slim fit black dress usually works best.
  2. Pack for later: This means you need a bag that can do it all.  Something that can go from morning to midnight and easily compliment any outfit in between- all while carrying all your essentials (like our Jenna Satchel- shop others here).
  3. Freshen up: In a small pouch that can fit inside your tote (find one here along with other essentials), carry mascara, blush, lip gloss  and a small perfume bottle so you can easily freshen up at any time and fool everyone.